About Us


Our Factory is located at Hoshiarpur, India and has it's sales and Export Office at Hoshiarpur and New Delhi. Over the last two decades Kakkar Complex Steels has become one of the leading manufacturers of Alloy Steels such as HIGH SPEED STEEL, HIGH CARBON HIGH CHROMIUM STEEL, HOT DIE STEEL, VALVE STEEL & CHIPPER KNIFE STEEL.

We are today rated amongst the top manufacturers of Alloy Steels in India. Our steels are bought by all leading Tool makers, worldwide.

The products manufactured by us are of the highest quality, using state-of-the-art machinery and optimized production processes.

Since inception we have continuously diversified and expanded in our endeavor to make the best possible Alloy Steels available anywhere in the world.

We have entered the European and North American market with the following grades, in flat bars:

D-2 / DIN.1.2379
D-3 / DIN.1.2080
D-6 / DIN.1.2436
O-1 / DIN.1.2510
A-2 / DIN.1.2363

Our aim is to supply the right material at the right time to the best of our Customer's Satisfaction!