We have complete in-house manufacturing facilities compatible to International Standards


Two Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnaces of 1 & 5 Ton Capacities.]
Two Massey Pneumatic Hammers of 1/2 & 1 Ton Capacities, in our Forging Shop
Two Rolling Mills of 9" & 16" in the Rolling Section.

Six Annealing Furnaces

One Vertical 4 mt. Bed, Surface Grinder from Göckel of Germany, to offer Ground Bars & Blanks.


Spectrolab from Spectro Analytical Instruments, Germany. Each and every Heat is marked and tested before pouring and only those found to conform to the standards are sent for further processing.
Spectrotest Jr. (Mobile Spectrometer)
To avoid any chance of mixing, each and every bar being despatched is checked using the Mobile Spectrometer. This is only an additional precaution.
Ultra Sound
All billets are checked with the Ultra Sound machine and only billets conforming to DIN & ASTM standards are passed on for further processing.
Metallurgical Microscope
The microscope made by Karl Zeiss Jena is used for determining the Decarb Layer, Structure, Purity, Carbides, etc., to conform to DIN & ASTM standards.
Mechanical Lab
The hardness of all material produced is checked after Annealing.